Smash Repairs: Panel Beating Techniques

28 October 2015
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Auto accidents are usually devastating, and dealing with the aftermath can often be an exhausting and time consuming experience. Cars that have been badly damaged during accidents require undergoing smash repairs. Smash repairs involve repair and replacement of a car's parts after a major or minor accident to restore the car to the state it was in before the accident. One of the major processes during smash repairs is panel beating. Read More 

Different Services You Can Expect From Panel Beaters

21 August 2015
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For many drivers, their car is their pride and joy. It is not only a means of getting from one place to another, but also an important investment considering you have to pay a pretty penny for your vehicle. This means that it can be devastating when you experience accidents when on the road. These could range from major collisions to minor fender benders that will leave dents on the body of your vehicle. Read More 

How Does a Panel Beater Go about Repairing Your Car?

6 April 2015
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Did you know that according to some estimates you are likely to be involved in a collision when driving your car once every 17.9 years? If you look at that another way, in the course of a typical driving lifetime you might be involved in as many as three or four of these so-called "fender benders." If you find yourself in that situation now, you need to schedule a trip to your local panel beaters. Read More