Smash Repairs: Panel Beating Techniques

28 October 2015
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Auto accidents are usually devastating, and dealing with the aftermath can often be an exhausting and time consuming experience. Cars that have been badly damaged during accidents require undergoing smash repairs. Smash repairs involve repair and replacement of a car's parts after a major or minor accident to restore the car to the state it was in before the accident. One of the major processes during smash repairs is panel beating. Panel beating is the process of repairing a car's body to its initial state before the accident.

When choosing a smash repairer, it is important that they have personnel skilled in panel beating. Before approaching a panel beater, it is important to know what the process entails and the various techniques involved in panel beating. These include the following.

Metal stretching and shrinking

The process of stretching and shrinking is applicable for a car whose body has been dented, stretching or shrinking the metal out of shape. This process of shrinking and stretching involves the application of heat using a special heat torch and special hammering equipment to restore the car's metal back to its original shape and dimensions.

Metal planishing

This technique involves finishing the surface of metal after it has been restored back to its original shape and dimensions. Finishing is carried out by finely shaping and smoothing the surface of the metal using a planishing panel hammer, a slapper or neck hammer.  This equipment is usually flat and polished to ensure they deliver a smooth finish and do not mar the metal.


Welding is carried out once metal has been shaped and properly smoothed. It involves joining two pieces of metal together by melting and joining them, then leaving them to cool. It can also be used to reinforce a part of metal that is not necessarily disjointed. Welding is usually carried out using an electric arc, gas flame or any other source of heat depending on the type of metal being joined together.

Filling with putty fillers

Putty fillers are used to fill in small holes on the surface of the car's body that resulted from denting. This helps in restoring the body's original contours. This filling involves mixing the putty filler and applying it to the holes on the surface. The putty fillers dry to form a hard surface that can be sanded to achieve a smooth finish. Sanding is the final contouring and smoothing technique, after which the car's body can be spray painted.

Spray painting

Smash repairs involve spray painting a car's body, since impact leads to scratching of the car's body paint. This is the final step after the body has been restored to shape. Spray painting involves painting the body with a strong, chip-resistant paint. A coat of paint matching the original one is also applied to ensure that the repairs are not detected.

Panel beating during smash repairs are an engaging process, and knowing what it entails ensures that you get the right repairer for the job. This not only involves panel beating skills, but also possession of the right tools and quality supplies. For more information, contact a local auto shop like ACT Auto Body Works