Different Services You Can Expect From Panel Beaters

21 August 2015
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For many drivers, their car is their pride and joy. It is not only a means of getting from one place to another, but also an important investment considering you have to pay a pretty penny for your vehicle. This means that it can be devastating when you experience accidents when on the road. These could range from major collisions to minor fender benders that will leave dents on the body of your vehicle. This is when you require the services of panel beaters. These professionals work toward restoring your vehicle to its original glory in the event that it either was vandalised or involved in an accident. Here are some of the different services that you can expect from them.

They will assess your car

Before any auto repairs can be done on your car, it needs to undergo an assessment. The panel beaters will establish all the damages that your vehicle has acquired to determine what would be the best way to go about fixing it. Once the assessment is done, the panel beater will give you a report on the overall condition of your car and enumerate for you the extent of the damage. This informs you on what the repairs will entail.

Panel beating

The panel beating process does not simply involve beating the body of your car. Various processes go into this task such as welding, hammering out indentations, detachment and reattachment of panels, smoothing and more. The panel beating process can also include a new paint job if you see fit. Lastly, they can also undertake minor mechanical repairs on your vehicle depending on your discretion.


On some occasions, you may find that your vehicle has received extensive damage. In these situations, regular panel beating may not suffice. Some of the complex reconstructions that are part of panel beating services include replacement of body parts, rebuilding your car's engine, fixing electrical work and more. These intricate restorations tend to be more expensive than regular panel beating as the panel beaters may need to source for new auto parts for your vehicle.

Specialist panel beating

Panel beating is not only offered to conventional vehicles when they require to be fixed. You can also find specialist services that are offered to aircrafts, motorcycles and more. It should be noted that specialist panel beating would also require special tools to suit the body of the machine being fixed.