3 Tips for Troubleshooting Common Dry Sandblasting Cabinet Issues

7 January 2021
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During sandblasting, metal fabricators can choose from a wide range of cabinets. The most common type is the dry or siphon blast cabinet. A dry sandblasting cabinet consists of a compressed air line and a siphon line, which suck abrasive media to the blast nozzle. The setup ensures that compressed air and abrasive media pass through the blast nozzle at the same time. However, it is normal for users to experience problems with a dry sandblasting cabinet from time to time. Read More 

Smash Repairs and Panel Beating: 3 Ways to Simplify the Repairs Process

16 October 2020
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After a car accident, your biggest priority is to repair your vehicle and get back on the road. Minor repairs are easy to fix; however, if the car was smashed, you need to repair the entire body. Smash repairs are involved, and if you're not careful, they can take weeks or months to complete. Also, they can be incredibly expensive. Therefore, before you get started, here are tips on how to simplify the process. Read More 

How To Prepare For Car Restoration

12 August 2020
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Car restoration can be a long and expensive affair. However, with adequate preparation, your restoration journey should be stress-free. Read this excerpt to learn how you can prepare for vehicle restoration. Determine the Scope of Restoration Inspect the vehicle to determine the kind of repairs it needs. Examine the following:  1. Engine and Transmission Repairs  Has the vehicle had an engine overhaul? Strip the engine to know whether it needs crankshaft and camshaft refurbishment or a replacement of the spark plugs, lead wires, injectors and pistons. Read More 

Should You Opt For Paintless Dent Repair When Seeking Smash Repairs?

30 April 2020
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Dings and dents from an accident can severely detract from the overall visual appeal of your vehicle. Thus, it is essential to seek smash repairs as soon as possible so that the appearance of the auto body is restored. Although panel beating has been the go-to solution for flaws on a vehicle's body, you may want to consider an alternative technique in the form of PDR. Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a process utilised to smoothen out the dents in the vehicle's body without having to repaint the car once the repairs are complete. Read More 

Tips on How to Get Insurance Car Repair After an Accident

26 September 2019
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Owning a vehicle comes with its own set of responsibilities. Your first responsibility is to yourself and the occupants of your vehicle. You are also supposed to make sure you protect other motorists on the road and avoid accidents at all costs. However, regardless of how careful you are, accidents happen from time to time. Insurance is there to ensure that you are covered and compensated for all damages, repair costs and other liabilities resulting from the accident. Read More