3 Common Reasons Why You Need To Repair Your Trucks

15 August 2022
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Trucks are an essential component of any logistics business. If you want to deliver goods to your customers on time, you should capitalize on the performance and efficiency of your fleet. Proper maintenance and truck repairs are the best way to ensure your trucks remain on the road throughout the year. You should also know the most common reasons why trucks break down. The knowledge will help you repair them and eliminate downtime. Here are the top four common damages that trucks suffer, as well as their solutions. 

A Loose Drivebelt

A noisy vehicle is the most common indicator that you have a loose drive belt. The noise could range from a squeak you can barely hear to a loud and uncomfortable squeal. It comes when driving the truck and also when the engine is idling. An auto mechanic should assess the vehicle once it starts making these noises. A loose belt might damage your engine components if you do not get the truck repaired. Mechanics check to ensure wheels and pulleys in the system have not interfered with its functionality. They might also check to ensure it is not dry. 

Worn Out Brake Pads

Trucks are heavier and have more momentum than regular vehicles. It means the force used to come to a stop puts massive pressure on the brake pads. You can tell you have worn-out pads when it takes longer than usual to bring the vehicle to a stand. The vehicle might also pull to one side when you brake. Grinding and squealing when braking also indicate the metallic components are rubbing against one another. A mechanic will jack up the truck and remove the tires to access the rotor and calliper. Replacing the pads will restore the truck's road safety by making it easier to stop in case of emergencies. 

Dead Battery

You can tell your car has a dead battery when you try to ignite it and receive no response. The vehicle might be starting, but the cranking times could be sluggish. Sometimes, the engine starts and dies immediately. You might also notice that the head and tail lights aren't working. Replacing the battery is a simple operation. Have the new one fitted by a mechanic so they can properly align the terminals.

These are some simple reasons why trucks break down. Having a nearby mechanic assess your fleet minimizes instances of breakdowns. With minimized downtime, you can maximize productivity and customer satisfaction.