Tips for Maximising Payment in a Cash-for-Junk Transaction

14 March 2022
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If you have an old car sitting inside your garage, it is about time you sold it as junk. Notably, it provides quick cash and frees up space in a garage. Since almost all the materials used in making a car are recyclable, owners can easily sell their old vehicles for cash. However, the amount of money you are likely to get for an old vehicle depends on various factors, including age, brand, condition and sellable parts. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to maximise the money paid for their junk cars. This article highlights tips that junk car owners can use to maximise the value of their old vehicles.  


When planning to sell an old vehicle, you cannot drive it to a junkyard. The only solution is towing. Thus, some junkyards offer towing services to clients for convenience. However, very few junkyards provide towing services for free. Notably, junkyards that charge for towing services deduct the amount from the total value of a client's car, which depends on the distance covered. Therefore, the charge can accumulate to a lot of money if you live far away from a junkyard. The best option is to tow a junk vehicle yourself because you can easily negotiate tow rates with a service provider. Consequently, a junkyard pays you the total value of your car.

Sell Accessories Separately

It is easy to think that your old vehicle will fetch a higher amount if you sell it together with extras. For instance, if your car has racing harnesses, underbody neon lights, or suspension upgrades, an experienced junkyard will not pay you extra money for such accessories. As a result, you might end up losing money rather than maximising payment. Therefore, instead of selling an old vehicle together with its extras, it is advisable to take them apart and sell them separately. 

Fix Some Problems

It might come as a surprise to most people because repairing a vehicle you plan to sell as junk does not make sense. While it is true, the decision to fix some issues on a junk vehicle depends on its current condition. For instance, if a car were involved in a head-on collision leaving behind a mangled mess, it might not warrant repairs. On the other hand, an old vehicle that has been immobile for a long time could have a small reparable problem with the starter. In such a case, you can repair the starter and sell it as a usable part.  

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