Smash Repairs and Panel Beating: 3 Ways to Simplify the Repairs Process

16 October 2020
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After a car accident, your biggest priority is to repair your vehicle and get back on the road. Minor repairs are easy to fix; however, if the car was smashed, you need to repair the entire body. Smash repairs are involved, and if you're not careful, they can take weeks or months to complete. Also, they can be incredibly expensive. Therefore, before you get started, here are tips on how to simplify the process.

Choose your repairer wisely

When repairing your car after an accident, you have two choices: Use an insurance approved shop or go to an independent repairer. Most insurance companies have approved body shops where you can get repairs done. One advantage of this option is that the insurer provides a courtesy car for your use while your car undergoes repairs. 

However, before going down this road, take time to vet the body shop. Do they have a track record of providing quality work? Most insurance firms have a list of approved body shops. Thus, you're bound to find one with quality work. If not, you can always choose an independent repairer. On the downside, you may miss out on a few perks such as getting a courtesy car for use.

Request a detailed quote

Smash repairs and panel beating are engaging and costly processes. Before committing to an auto body shop, get a detailed quote of the repairs. Bring your car to the shop so they can assess the damage and quantify the repairs. If you're vetting multiple shops, you can take clear pictures of the car, paying attention to the damaged parts. Doing this will enable you to make proper financial arrangements.

The quote should also outline the following issues:

  • Total repair costs, including parts and labour
  • Cost of replacements
  • All paintwork
  • Additional costs such as towing
  • Warranties

The quote should also outline the estimated start and completion date for the project. These details will allow you to make transportation arrangements as you wait for the repairs.

Demand quality repairs

Smash repairs often involve replacing severely damaged parts. It is crucial to specify the parts you want for your vehicle. Do you want OEM parts or will you use aftermarket ones? Can the repair shop source for quality aftermarket parts on your behalf? Quality repairs extend the lifespan of your vehicle; therefore, only work with a shop that can give a quality guarantee.

Don't just take the repairer's word. Ask for a warranty on smash repairs. Reputable smash repairers back up their work with a warranty. Not only does this ensure quality work, but it also saves you from spending more money to fix a poorly done job.

Have these things in mind as you start the process of smash repairs and panel beating. 

For more information, contact a smash repair service that offers insurance approved repairs, such as Shannons approved smash repairs.