Tips for Choosing the Right Blasting Media for an Auto-shop

28 March 2019
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If you own an auto shop, then you must agree that car owners love a fresh and mint paint job. Producing such quality work requires several essential procedures, part of which is sandblasting. However, if you have been outsourcing sandblasting services but are thinking of introducing the service in-house, then you are heading in the right direction.

Not only will the move improve your bottom line, but it will also make your business a one-stop auto-shop for bodywork services, consequently increasing your client base. That said, you need the right blasting media for your sandblasting projects to meet quality standards. This article highlights useful tips that will guide you in choosing the right media for your sandblasting needs.

Recyclability -- There is no denying the fact that sandblasting equipment doesn't come cheap. The initial capital outlay is substantial; therefore, you should consider the cost-effectiveness of the blasting media before you settle on a particular type. One way you can accomplish this is by looking at the recyclability of each media type. For example, if you have settled on the glass as the blasting media of choice, then you need to distinguish between glass beads and crushed glass. The former is highly recyclable while the latter is less recyclable. Therefore, if operational costs are a concern, then you are better off using blasting media that you can reuse several times without losing the effectiveness.

Soft Media -- The surface to be sandblasted determines the type of media to use. However, different parts of a car are made from different materials; hence, your choice of media might work well on one part but destroy other areas. For instance, since the body of most vehicles is made of metal and the bumper section from fibreglass, then a highly aggressive blasting media will destroy the bumper region. Therefore, if you are not sure how the surface will react to a particular surface, then it is best to start with media in the soft region such as plastic beads. If soft media cannot do the job well, you can always upgrade to media with a higher grit.

Special Finishes -- If you commonly customise clients' cars with special finishes such as rough textures, then you need to be careful with the blasting media of choice. Some media do not work well with unique finishes because they leave behind a smooth surface that is not ideal for such finishes. Notably, the best blasting media for special finishes give the sandblasted surface the required etching for easy adherence of paint and other unique finishes such as car body decals.