How to Give an Older Vehicle a New Lease of Life

31 August 2018
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You may like consistency and predictability in your life and are not the type of person to rush out and buy the latest, greatest thing. As such, you may have had your current set of wheels for many years and are perfectly happy with your transportation. However, it's true to say that the vehicle has seen its better days and the bodywork has picked up a variety of scratches and minor dents through day-to-day life. Does this mean it's time for a change, or can you do something about this?

Turning Back the Clock

You may be able to give this car or truck a new lease of life by taking it into auto spray painters. These individuals are very talented and can certainly make a difference in your case as they follow a very precise procedure.

Getting Ready for Miracles

When you visit their premises, the first thing you will notice is just how clean it is. The spraying environment has to be climate-controlled with the perfect level of humidity or the paint will not "take" as well as it should.

The worker will also make sure that they have the best-quality gear, spray guns and attachments, and they will only choose professional grade paint. This will then need to be mixed to the correct ratio and viscosity once they have matched the colour of your vehicle perfectly.

Proper Preparation

To start off the process, the technician will remove as much grease as possible from the exterior of the vehicle using special types of cloth. Once this is done, they will fill in any imperfections or remove any dents to create a perfectly smooth surface.

The initial base coat will then be applied using a spray gun that is set to the lowest pressure available. Typically, the initial layer of paint is mixed with some thinner so that it adheres well.

The Main Course

Once this has been allowed to dry, it's time for the main coat. This is applied progressively working from the edges towards the centre, while the technician is careful to ensure that the pressure level is regulated. Depending on the finished result, it may be necessary to add a third coat for maximum effect.

Even More Paint

Still, the job is not finished even with three coats of paint as it is now time to add the drop coat. Once again, this is done with a high level of precision and a carefully regulated amount of pressure with a steady, slow motion to produce the proper result. At each stage, the expert will step back to view any potential imperfections and fix these before the next stage. The final part of the procedure is to add the clear coat, which gives the vehicle its lustre or shine and, in the painting profession, is the cherry on top of the cake.

Make Your Reservation

So, with a lot of expertise on the part of the sprayer, you can turn the clock back for your vehicle and get ready for another decade of useful life.