A Few Tips to Remember About Spray Painting Your Car

17 May 2016
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A new coat of paint can make any car look virtually brand new, and painting your car yourself can save the cost of having a professional do this for you. However, painting a car is not like painting the walls of a room; the metal surface will need some prep work and you'll need to use the right tools and techniques to get the job done properly. Note a few tips to keep in mind before you begin the process.

1. Use a paint gun and air compressor

You can use spray paint to paint your car, but the amount of paint you need may mean dozens of old cans once you're finished, and this waste can add up. Spray paint in a can may also go on unevenly because you cannot control the pressure of the paint; some areas may come out thicker and darker than others, and some areas may be so light that you need to add even more coats, which can contribute to an uneven look. Use a paint gun and air compressor to paint your car so you can better control the pressure and the application of the paint; not only will the job look better, but you might find that you can actually apply just one coat.

2. Take the car apart

It's good to take the car apart as much as possible before painting it; this allows the paint to get into nooks and crannies, and can help you to avoid getting the paint on trim, seals, glass, and the like. If you're painting the car after an accident, you can also then see if there is any hidden damage. You can also check if there is rust starting to form on the underside of the hood, doors, and other pieces, and address this rust before it spreads and ruins your new paint job.

3. Deep strip

Stripping the car down to the bare metal, when possible, allows for a more even coat of new paint. If the old paint is starting to peel or chip in any area and you don't notice this before you apply the new paint, your new paint will also come off with the old. Old wax on the existing paint can also cause your paint to slide off or have an uneven coat. Deep strip the old or existing paint as much as possible before adding your own paint so you get a finished look that is smooth and that will last.

If you feel unable to paint your own car well, contact a company that does car spray painting.