Things To Consider When Deciding Whether Or Not To Take Your Dented Vehicle For A Paint Dent Repair (PDR) Service

26 February 2016
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A paintless dent removal is a cost effective and quick way to repair dents in your vehicle. This type of dent repair often doesn't require panel replacements, filling or paintings. The method used in paintless dent repairs removes the dents without interfering with the body or original paint and finish of your car. The technique used in paintless dent repairs is efficient in many ways. However, to prevent additional costs of repair, it's important to understand some of the dents that a PDR can handle and those that the technique may not repair. To help you, here are things to consider when deciding whether a PDR may and may not work.

Depth of The Dent: Deep Dents

If your vehicle is dented badly and the damage is very deep, a PDR may not repair it. Shallow dents can be repaired even when the dents are large. Deep dents are those that will be pushed in too far because of the impact of the damage. In such case, the metal can't simply be repaired without interfering with the paint of your vehicle, meaning eventually need to repaint it. For this reason, your mechanic or a PDR specialist should be able to tell you whether the dent is too deep and if so, what option would work best.

Location of The Dent: Dents Near Seams And Edges

Regardless of the size, a PDR will repair dents located in any place but plastic areas and those near the seams or edges of your vehicle's body panel. First, if you are planning on a PDR service for your vehicle, make sure that the damages only occurred on the metal part. A paintless dent removal will not handle damages on plastic parts such as the bumper. For dents near the edges, a PDR may not work because such dents will have to be accessed from the back or inside, making it impossible for a paintless dent repair to work effectively without damaging the paintwork. Sharp creases may also not work well with a PDR for the same reasons.

Type of Dent: Damages That Require Painting

A PDR will be ideal if the dent didn't damage the paintwork of your vehicle as well, simply because you will have to repaint and refinish your car.

Age of Your Vehicle: Dents On Older Vehicles

The quality of paint on most old model vehicles may fail to hold up well to the pressure PDR methods, which means that the paint on such vehicles can easily be tampered with during the process.

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